Belching Beaver Tavern & Grill

The Belching Beaver Tavern


Any San Diego beer enthusiast knows that North County is known for its great breweries. So much so, Highway 78 is known as hop highway.   Many of these great breweries can be found in Vista.  My favorite is The Belching Beaver.  It is about 5 minutes from my house, they have great food and they now have a full bar with several cocktails on tap.

(Top Left) Caesar salad and Fried cauliflower and leeks with a honey ponzu sauce, (right) St. Patrick’s Day dinner-(left) My husbands corned beef and (right) Baked Salmon with Hollandaise sauce, (bottom left) Sour Beer Batch 3 and a Moscow Mule with house-made ginger beer (very good!).

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